The Dumping Grounds

  • How Bitcoin Dies.
    When talking with Bitcoin skeptics, and the possibility of it becoming a global reserve treasury asset for decades to come, it is often met with scrutiny, as such a drastic departure from today’s financial world seems unfathomable. However, just like […]
  • The Long Road to the Orange-pill.
    In 2015, a co-worker approached me, one of the most technical in my office, and had asked if I wanted to pool our funds to build an Ethereum miner. I had researched Bitcoin, Litecoin, and even Dogecoin years prior, but […]
  • A probably bad leveraged BTC trading strategy.
    I wanted to share a basic trading strategy that I have devised and has been working for me during this BTC bull market. It has resulted in nearly doubling the gains versus just holding bare BTC. My trading goal: To […]
  • Is trading bad for my mental health?
    7:15 PM: I pick up my phone to check the price of bitcoin. The trade that I opened a few days ago is doing well, up a few thousand. I look at the chart to see if it looks like […]

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