The Dumping Grounds

  • What NFT PFPs mean for the decentralized future.
    With NFT PFPs (Non-fungible token profile pictures) getting so much hype, everyone is kind of left wondering what the fuck is actually going on. Why are these profile pictures selling for so much, and whats the point of having an […]
  • Minting your first NFT
    So, you’ve decided to “ape” into an NFT project. You’ve seen the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptopunks, everyone and their dog is talking about NFTs and how they paid off their mortgage with a fucking jpeg. Since you’re new the […]
  • How Bitcoin Dies.
    When talking with Bitcoin skeptics, and the possibility of it becoming a global reserve treasury asset for decades to come, it is often met with scrutiny, as such a drastic departure from today’s financial world seems unfathomable. However, just like […]
  • The Long Road to the Orange-pill.
    In 2015, a co-worker approached me, one of the most technical in my office, and had asked if I wanted to pool our funds to build an Ethereum miner. I had researched Bitcoin, Litecoin, and even Dogecoin years prior, but […]
  • A probably bad leveraged BTC trading strategy.
    I wanted to share a basic trading strategy that I have devised and has been working for me during this BTC bull market. It has resulted in nearly doubling the gains versus just holding bare BTC. My trading goal: To […]

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